Incorporating a touch of colour on your walls

Image Source: Fresh Wood Studio

A touch of colour can make the difference between a plain room and a vibrant, eye-catching one. Going against the norm and painting feature patters on your walls will spice up your space without going to too much effort. 

Wall Patterns

Use your favourite shapes to create simple, but colourful wall patterns in your bedroom.

You could even incorporate the shapes to be above your bed to look like a painted-on bedhead.

Image Source: Fresh Wood Studio

Feature Wall

If you have one of those smaller walls between rooms, adding a touch of colour as a feature wall will give new life to an awkward space.

Image Source: Fresh Wood Studio

Over-arching Patterns

Boost the personality of a room by combining a triad of complementary colours as a display blending together in your room. Keep this to pastels or similar shades to make sure it blends.

Image Source: Domain

Feature Nook

Contrast grey walls with a black feature nook in your living space. This will create a sense of depth and add a little character to walls that are the same colour as the ceiling.

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

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