Khaki and Lilac in your home

Image Source: @Insideoutmag

Using pastel shades of khaki and lilac in your home will create an entire new look and feel. We’ve found ways to incorporate both, or just the one colour in your home this season.


When used correctly, lilac on your walls can create a fresh, comforting feel. As the shade has a hint of grey in it, styling with soft grey décor will give this look the soft touch it deserves.

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Pairing green in your kitchen with white is a great combination that can tie in nicely with your kitchen utensils and décor.

When used sparingly, khaki green will give of just the right amount of colour for a fun look and feel.

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Pairing with Khaki

Greys and navy work in tandem with khaki as they fall into the softer tone category when working with their pastel counterparts. This look also complements off-white or grey walls.

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Khaki and Lilac

Used together, these softer tones have the power to relax a room. Pastel khaki will blend nicely with the softer tones of lilac, making it the perfect combination for a bedroom.    

Image Source: @Simplygrove

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