Painting with pastel blues

Subtle in hue yet powerful in versatility, pastel blue is an exceptional colour for a first-time painter to play with. Let’s have a look at how you might use such a colour to give your home a new personality.

Image Source: detalhesmagicos

Work making you blue?

Picking a colour for a home office is a tricky thing. A pastel blue is perfect for keeping you calm, centred and focused on the job before you. A set of beautifully painted blue drawers, or a chair or even stationary holders can work wonders.

Image Source: Fiona Lynch

Blue haven

Turn your entire home into a tranquil oasis with a neutral theme of whites, browns and pastel blues. It’s the perfect trio to set your mind at ease, and creates the perfect backdrop for a potted plant collection.

Image Source: Blog Lovin

The main attraction

Isn’t it incredible how a colour so subtle can utterly command a room? A single door, freshly painted in pastel blues, can liven up a room without overwhelming it. Consider making a weekend project out of your bedroom or bathroom door.

Image Source: Hubsch

Into the blue

Afraid of a room feeling too cramped? A pastel blue feature wall opens any room up into a fresh, spacious paradise. Pair your new wall with décor in muted greys and beige for a relaxed, natural aesthetic.


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