Pairing Red with Blush

Image Source: @shirleytat

Inside Out Magazine have featured their colour crushes of the month and our very own Clean & Protect low sheen interior paint in Rose Vision took the top spot.

They showcased red and blush as their top picks; a pair that you don’t often see together but work well in the right space to create a warm and inviting combination. We’ve selected our favourite examples that really feature these colours.

Image Source: Inside Out magazine

Blush Meets Dusty Red

We love this room incorporating the two colours. Ensure the blush tones overpower the red to create a soft backdrop and allow the red to be the feature in the space. Pairing with other pastels such as soft olive or grey tones will also bring the colours together without clashing.

Image Source: @muutodesign

Red on White

Deep reds add warmth to white, and will appear as a feature without being permanent. Use with statement furniture, like this chair which really stands out against white or neutral toned walls.

Image Source: fritz_hansen

A Touch of Red

If you are just after a touch of red in a neutral space, try using a statement rug to add texture and character. The colour red used in a minimal way, will still add a powerful element to the room without overthrowing the space.

Image Source: tizianatosoni

Outdoor Contrasts

It’s often hard to work with a lot of colour in an outdoor space. Blush reds like this one lend an‘earthy’ feel to this courtyard. As the colour is quite neutral here, you can decorate with the usual green and brown tones you’ll find outdoors.

Image Source: tizianatosoni

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