Shoot magic with Inside Out

Go behind the scenes with Claire Bradley on the recent Inside Out cover shoot.

"Even after years of working in magazines, I still love the magic of a photo shoot. The lights, the cameras, the packing tape… hang on.

You see, without ruining the picture for you, the best bit about shoots is that there is a certain amount of magic that goes in to turning what are beautiful 3D spaces into 2D images that are still just as gorgeous. So here are some of my behind-the-scenes shots from our April 2015 cover shoot.

Here, we worked with British Paints to transform a lovely suburban home into something with a little more personality. In each of the main rooms, we introduced a little pop of colour that anyone could do in their own home. From a lovely organic leaf shape in the living space to a great detail in the kitchen, it was so exciting to see the colour go on the walls and see the artistic treatments come to life.

What I loved about the living room treatment was the way you can use paint to create a point of focus along a long wall that might otherwise look a bit sparse. In this case, the leaf shape connects the console with the window. It’s bright enough to make a difference but soft enough so that the ‘Reckless Green’ doesn’t jar against the room’s beautiful colour palette. Take a look at the raft of beautiful artworks our stylist Julia Green had on hand to make sure the Lisa Lapointe we chose in the end was just the right one!

Image Source: Claire Bradley

The main bedroom headboard is another brilliant way to create a paint highlight that can be changed over and over as the mood takes you (and we all know how it does). In this case, it was a two-day shoot and on the first day, we decided we wanted a different colour treatment on the bedhead and re-did it overnight, incorporating the ‘Retro Peach’ and ‘Lilac Mood’ in a completely different way. How great is that? The bedroom was a good-size space, but once you get us all in there (photographer, plus assistant, stylist, plus assistant, editor, art director and props), it got pretty crowded!

I think the kitchen was my favourite makeover, though. This gorgeous little kitchen went from perfectly fine (all white and a bit rustic) to a room with an edge. The ‘Mineral Salt’ grey runs from the top of the tiles right across the ceiling and creates a really lovely mood. To give it an extra special something (which of course is what we’re always looking for at Inside Out), the team gave the edge of the window frame a touch of the same ‘Reckless Green’ used in the living space and it makes all the difference. I LOVE IT! And just for a laugh, here’s a glimpse of what it looked like from my perspective… getting the plants in EXACTLY the right position is important for a great shot!

Image Source: Claire Bradley

And finally, take a look at how brilliant our cover star behaved! The gorgeous Weimaraner, Eames, was much better behaved than many of us on set!

Image Source: Claire Bradley

The dream team Julia Green and Aimee Tarulli:

Image Source: Claire Bradley

Computer screen checking

Image Source: Claire Bradley

Our creative director Mia Daminato and myself on set:

Written by Claire Bradley, Inside Out Editor-in-Chief