Soft spring tones

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a chore. In fact, flooding your home in the warm colours of spring is the perfect way to keep your spaces looking neat and inviting all year round. Come, let’s have a look.


Image Source: Lassen

Pastel perfection

Pastel hues work wonderfully well together. Let’s see… how about a light blue primary colour, paired with a cream or neutral accent? Yes, that’d work nicely. If you have white walls, all it would take is a single chair or throw in pastel to make a statement.

Image Source: The Wonder Forest

Spring’s gentle touch

Sometimes the most delicate change has the greatest effect. Something as simple as interchangeable seat covers, or repainted coasters, mugs and picture frames can completely refresh a room.


Image Source: Home Design SA

Eat in peace

The dining room is the perfect place to experiment with the warm, natural colours of spring. After all, presentation is 90% of the fun of a meal. Greens, whites and wood-hued cushions, chairs and rugs will really tie the room together.


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