Using Copper in Kitchens

Image Source: @macarenagea

Copper pans have been a kitchen staple for centuries - modernise this look by displaying them on hooks under your shelves!

Tip 1

As a rule of thumb, darker coppers look better in traditional kitchens, whilst lighter ones are more suited to contemporary rooms.

Tip 2

Hang copper pots and pans and decorate with live plants.

Tip 3

If your kitchen does not have space for extra décor, you can utilise copper and it’s attributes through pots and pans. As well as looking stylish they posses an anti-bacterial compound that can stop unwanted bacteria from spreading through your home.

Image Source: @macarenagea

Tip 4

Swapping traditional accessories such as glass vases or wooden fruit bowls for copper creates just the right balance between traditional and modern.

Image Source: svkinteriordesign

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