Using Dark Tones in your Home

Image Source: Amanda Judge Blog

Darker tones immediately make a room feel more intimate. Perfect for a bedroom, dining room or large living space. 

White on Grey

Grey walls in the bedroom act as a perfect backdrop for an all white design. Simple white picture frames and bed linen create a crisp, clean look against a darker backdrop. Try Winter Grey to get this look.

Image Source: Stadshem

Dark Contrasting

To create contrast, try pairing dark coloured walls with bedding in a softer hue. Alternatively, pair pale grey walls with bed linen in deeper colours such as charcoal, navy or black.

Image Source: Alcro

Dark Shades

Incorporate dark tones into your furniture and décor to make them the feature piece in a room. Placed against a light-coloured wall, each piece will stand out as a key feature in the room.

Image Source: The Design Chaser

Dark Tones in your Kitchen

Dark grey walls in your kitchen pair perfectly with light tan furniture for a clean contrast between surface and walls.

Tip: Use copper accents to draw extra light into the space , in your pendants or kitchen utensils.

Image Source: SFGirlbybay

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