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Upcycle an outdoor table project

This is how!

Yay! Finally doing another DIY project, I’m hyped! This time I’m upcycling this outdoor table. This project is definitely beginner friendly, you just need high quality brushes and the right paint for outside. British Paints 4 Seasons got me with their 25 YEAR GUARANTEE!!!

I didn’t have to sand this particular table, because it’s an untreated presanded pine. But generally you should to give the paint something to stick to, but also to buff out any rough spots or weird textures. If you’re not sure, get the best advice from live chat – just click the speech bubble in the bottom right corner and ask the question.

Picking my colours
So, I’ve worked out my colours roughly, now to head to Bunnings to pick out some colour chips. I like the pastels and British Paints have the best range. I picked out Pink Perfume, Golden Butter and I’m Blue. They look amazing together. At the paint counter they mixed up 4 litre cans of 4 Seasons. So, I’m set.

Painting Time!!!
After I mixed the paint, I painted the table legs with British Paints 4 Seasons Golden Butter. Clean, even strokes – 2 coats all up. Make sure you let the paint dry before applying a second coat. (wait 2 hours). Next I painted the table top with British Paints 4 Seasons I’m Blue. I used a roller to cover as much surface area as possible at once. Load your roller with plenty of paint, start at one end and work across the table then down. It’s so quick and the paint looks so crisp and clean!

Brushing the Underneath
Next I painted the undersides with British Paints 4 Seasons Pink Perfume, this paint applies so smoothly and opaquely. If you want to get a really clean edge where the colours meet, the best thing to use is painter’s tape, but you’ll have to wait for each colour to dry properly (about 2 hours) before you can apply the tape. It’s worth it.

Job done!
Check this out!!! I did a good job! It took about a day. It was super easy and fail safe. I am going to use the left over paint to do some matching chairs. I cannot get over how nice, pigmented and streak free British Paints 4 Seaons Exterior paint is!!!

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*British Paints 4 Seasons is guaranteed for 25 years against peeling, flaking & blistering. Refer to product label for full details.