Josh & Jenna (and little Freddie)

Reno Dream Team Josh & Jenna

Josh and Jenna came to fame as the youngest couple to appear on Channel 9’s hit show – The Block. After appearing on two series (2011 and 2013), they also appeared on Renovation Rumble in 2015. The couple have amassed an enviable renovation portfolio across both personal and TV projects and in 2018, won the Best Residential Design at the Australian Interior Design Awards for their ‘Canning Cottage.’ Josh is a plumber and Jenna went on to become qualified in Interior Design & Decoration and now runs her own Design School for aspiring students.

DIY metal bench makeover

This is how!

Do you have an old bench sitting in the garden or on the verandah? Do you want to bring it back to life? You can choose to have it blend in with the environment or make it stand out with a pop of colour. Follow the easy steps and make it happen! All you need is some sand paper, high quality brushes, and British Paints 4 Seasons Exterior paint (because it lasts and lasts).

Give the bench a light sand – you don’t need tools, we just want to prepare the surface for the paint. We don't need primer in this instance. Make sure there is no rust and dust off the surface before you start painting. If at any stage you’re not sure about how to prep your metal bench, you can always ask advice from the live chat – just click the speech bubble in the bottom right corner and ask the question.

Picking colours
For this job, we've chosen to go with British Paints Charming White. Nice and elegant – we chose it because it will blend in with the cottage once it’s painted. If you are unsure which colour you’d like, you can get some colour chips and sample pots from Bunnings – this allows you to test them at home before you buy the paint. Always stir well and double check the colour before you start painting. Now, we are ready to paint!

Painting Time!!!
It's time to start painting. Apply the first coat with a brush (look at the difference straight away!), allow to dry for approximately 2 hours, then apply a second coat.

We are pretty happy with the result! The bench looks like new and the paint covers the dark charcoal perfectly even though we haven’t used a primer because it was previously painted.

Time to enjoy!
We are very happy!! We had to test the bench right away! Easy job and it took about half a day. Just follow the process – it’s super simple. Look how nice and fresh the British Paints 4 Seasons Exterior paint is!!

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*British Paints 4 Seasons is guaranteed for 25 years against peeling, flaking & blistering. Refer to product label for full details.