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Paint an old fence

This is how!

Getting ready to make this weathered fence look brand spanking new again! Do you have an old fence that has seen better days? Follow the steps and make it shine! All you need is your tools, some high quality brushes, the British Paints 4 Seasons Exterior paint (because it lasts and lasts) and maybe some new timber rails (we surely do).

You may not have to sand the new timber pickets too much, because they are untreated pre-sanded pine. But generally you should to give them a quick sand, and check for any particularly rough spots. For the existing posts, we removed the flaking paint and sanded them back well. If at any stage you’re not sure about how to prep your fence, you can always ask advice from the live chat – just click the speech bubble in the bottom right corner and ask the question.

Picking my colours
For this job, we've chosen to go with the original colours, White Beam and a fresh Santiago Blue. Such a good colour combo! You can get some colour chips and sample pots from Bunnings if you’re not sure – this allows you to test them at home before you buy the paint. Let’s do this! First, we go ahead and take down the old rails but leave the posts, which we will use again. Paint the pickets before assembling them, it saves heaps of time

Painting Time!!!
It's time to start painting. Starting with the new pickets (on a drop sheet or cardboard), use long, even strokes and apply 2 coats all up. Make sure you let the paint dry before applying a second coat (wait 2 hours). While waiting for the first coat to dry I painted the posts and rails with British Paints 4 Seasons Santiago Blue. I used a roller to cover as much surface area as possible at once. Load your roller with plenty of paint, start at one end and work across the surface then down. It’s so quick and the paint looks so crisp and clean!

Reassembling the pickets
Once the posts, rails and pickets are dry, we are going to reassemble the pickets using galvanised nails. A handy little tip is to use a small block of wood as a spacer between the pickets to maintain the same distance. Easy! Once all pickets are up, touch up any areas that require extra paint.

Job done!
Check this out!!! Good job! It took about a day. If you follow the process it’s super easy. Look how nice and fresh the British Paints 4 Seasons Exterior paint is!!! Everyone is happy!

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*British Paints 4 Seasons is guaranteed for 25 years against peeling, flaking & blistering. Refer to product label for full details.