Dining Room Style Tips

Image Source: Petrolo Pictures

Change up your dining room experience with these modern, fresh ways to vamp up your space without going over budget - and can even be done over a weekend!

Dining Room Feature Wall

Monochrome framed photos and images work well in contrast to darker coloured walls – such as grey – and positioned in a patter that will flow to the rest of the room – try staggering from the door to the window, like below.

Image Source: Dominic Blackmore

A Touch of Nature

Sometimes vamping up your dining room space is as simple as adding a bit of greenery to the mix. A large pot plant will fit perfectly into a blank corner or space in the room that will stay out of the way of foot traffic, and give an extra boost of life to the dining experience.

Image Source: Residence Style

Mix Match

Mix and match with pink and grey undertones in your furniture. Shades such as blush and grey won’t overpower a space and will add character to the room. Injecting these colours into your dining room chairs is the easiest way to achieve this look. Give some old dining chairs a fresh lick of paint with British Paints Rose Vision or Winter Haze!

Image Source: Home Design With Style

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