Grab a brush and head outdoors

Australia’s weather is… unpredictable, to say the least. Which is why it’s always best to take advantage of a clear blue sky and give the house a fresh new coat or two. If you’re considering giving your home’s exterior a refresh, we have a few thoughts you might find helpful.


See the full spectrum

By all means, feel free to paint one section of your home’s exterior a darker shade, and another a lighter one. In fact, painting an alfresco area a lighter shade than the walls beside it can make it feel like a secluded paradise, perfect for warm friends and cold drinks.


A bit of a grey area

Give your home a beautifully subtle yet contemporary look with darker shades of grey. Remember, colours look brighter in the sun, so test your tone with a sample pot first. Alternatively, use lighter greys with pops of colourful décor for a spacious, casual and fun feel.


It’s all there in black & white

If your home already has a neutral tone, the job might already be half done. Give every section of your space a defined edge with simple black trimmings, and you’ll be surprised at how effortlessly ordered things will seem.


A little imagination can work wonders on any space. Here, see just how much is possible.