How to add colour to your bathroom

Deciding how to incorporate colour into your bathroom can be a challenge when working with a small space, as you don’t want to overdo it! You can add small injections of colour or a full pop of colour in your tiles.

Trends you’ll see in 2016 for bathrooms are a natural palette, block colour or carnival colours – as seen in House of Home.

Patterned Bathroom

Contrast a classic white bathroom with a rich patterned floor and copper accessories for a touch of luxury.

This style plays into the carnival colour trend, where you can be a bit risqué with an ode to pops of green, teal and dense patterns. A feature like this would work best in contrast to a white, neutral bathroom.

Neutral Bathroom

A natural palette in your bathroom works best for longevity. You can incorporate different colours as you go such as pastel shades, so not to take away from the natural feel; or stick to the neutral palette of tans, creams and greys which works for every season. 

Practical Colours

Adding colour to your bathroom through your accessories such as towels and bathmats can be an affective way to bring in colour that you can change over time.

Pile some towels on a stool as an added splash of colour and texture in the bathroom – this also doubles as a unique storage solution!

Colour For Your Curtain

Aligning with one of Pantone’s colours of the year, blush tones are a perfect incorporation to your bathroom interior. Introducing this colour into your space can as easily as replacing your shower curtain as Coco and Kelly have done below.

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