How to incorporate bright spaces into your home

Create a bold statement in your home with bright colours and décor. It can be a challenge to find the line between too much colour, and not enough, so here are some easy ways to add colour to your home without going overboard. 

Bright Pastels

Your bedroom is the perfect space to add some bright personality. Use colours like bright pastel blush to create a feature wall that won’t take over your room but will complement existing colours in your décor and linen.

Colour Blocking

Your kitchen is a great space to try colour blocking with your stools or chairs around the kitchen table. Bright, citrus colours will blend well with the fruits and food you’ll find usually accenting the space.

Bedroom Blues

Blue is a calming and relaxing colour, perfect in a bedroom. Try something different with a bright blue feature wall that goes the length of the wall into the ceiling and balance with warm hues and neutral tones in your furnishings and décor.

Hallway features

Bright peach tones work best in a predominantly white space, like a hallway or living space. The best part is you can change the colour as the trends change with minimal effort.

Tip: Turn this into a photo wall or decorative space to give the feature some extra purpose.

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