Kitchen features

Have fun with feature walls and statement colours in your kitchen this season. From your walls to the cupboards and drawers, there’s so much you can do to give your kitchen the refresh it needs.

Coloured Cupboards

Choose a soft grey for your cupboards and drawers to add extra warmth to your kitchen.  This will keep the space from looking stark white, without going overboard on colour in a neutral space.

Image Source: coco lapine design

Two-Tone Kitches

Paint up to 30-60cm of the wall along your bench top for a modern look. Simple to execute, and a unique take on a two-tone feature wall, give this look a go with a soft pastel or neutral colour so it’s easy to style all year long.

Image Source: décor crush

Contrasting Kitchens

For a completely different look, choose a colour scheme that works into the rest of your home and colour coordinate with your top and bottom drawers. Try a darker shade of blue, green or grey for the lower cupboards, and a lighter tone for the top for an eye-catching look that will set your home apart.

Image Source: sfgirlbybay

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