Summertime bedroom bliss

The sun’s shining in the clear blue sky, which means there’s no better time to be outdoors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t come home to a little summer magic, either. Let’s have a chat about how best to bring a little light and colour to your bedroom for this sunny season.

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Summer tones

Pastels are a wonderful way to bring a dash of colour to the bedroom. You might not even need a new paint job, if a few pillows and a throw will do. Or why not just give a few flowerpots a quick coat? That’s one weekend, easy and done. Adding greenery to a soft pastel palette will turn your room into a true oasis.

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Light and bright

Let’s go for something a little bolder, shall we? Bring bright bursts of colour to your floor, bed and walls, and break them up with neutral furniture and greenery. That’ll keep things looking fresh, without becoming overwhelming.

Tropical paradise

After a long day in the hot sun, there’s nothing like coming back to your cool, relaxing room. Bring in a few mint, green and blue hues to your room. Even working in different shades of a single colour, like blue, would work wonders for depth and light.


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