Using all the colours of white

White is a far more complicated colour than you might think. Love Note, Salt And Sand, Tokyo Snow… It all comes down to your particular personality. But, of course, we could all use a little help now and then.


Our Colour Specialists have created a palette of wonderful whites, each perfectly unique and ideal for painting your home’s interior.

One for the family

White Comfort has a beautiful warmth to it, making it the perfect tone for a welcoming family home. It’s precisely that warmth that also makes it ideal for heritage homes, particularly in times when modern extensions need to be seamlessly integrated into an existing structure.

The modern age

Infinity White. Cool, sleek and understated. Its clean simplicity makes it the perfect colour for a modern minimalist look.

For a splash of colour

Arctic Crossing is a true neutral, capable of giving any space a sense of depth. If you’ve got a smaller home, try giving your walls a coat of this white, and adding bright, colourful décor to open your rooms up.


A little imagination can work wonders on any space. Click here to see just how much is possible.