Winter cool bathrooms

Image Source: Inside Out magazine

Light grey is this decade's trendiest neutral. See how you can use grey in your bathroom below for a modern look.

Contrast with grey

Try contrasting dark grey and white in your bathroom by using grey on your ceiling to half a metre down your walls. This look gives the impression of height and adds a touch of drama to the space. We love Dark Silhouette for this look.

Image Source: Wuniu

Timber with grey

Incorporate soft timbers and greys into your bathroom through the cabinetry and shelving. This look provides warm tones and helps to avoid the stark, cold feel you see too often in bathrooms.

Image Source: Amber Interior Design

Grey accents

Paint exposed wooden beams a light grey to break up the space between your ceiling and walls. This look is great for a neutral space, where you would rather play with shades and neutral tones than introduce colour.

Image Source: Home Design Biz

Feature wall

Bathrooms don’t need to be boring, try injecting some fun with a light grey feature wall and add some artwork or plants to give the space a little extra personality.  

Image Source: SFGirlbybay

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