How to use black for a minimalist look

Welcome to the industrial age. Black is one of the most versatile colours in our range. Stunningly bold, yet deceptively simple, it slinks seamlessly into any colour theme and gives your home an ordered aesthetic in which other colours can truly play.


If you’re worried about going down a minimalist path, then black might be your new best friend in the fight against the Fear of Mucking Up. Well, read on, and let’s fight FOMU together.

Image Source: homes to love

A simple kitchen

Perhaps you’re happy enough with your kitchen’s aesthetic, but feel that it’s missing a touch of… something. Black décor can add a simple class that might be just what you’re looking for. Give your cupboards a matt black coat, and they’ll break up the space between your walls and splashback. Barstools, pendants, even repainted mugs and salt and pepper shakers can, with a little DIY magic, create a clean elegance you’ll love.

Image Source: GAP Interiors

All there in black and white

Bathrooms already tend to lean towards white porcelain, which makes black the perfect accent for this space. If you’re considering a remodel, black tiling would create the perfect contrast with an ever-clean look. If not, a simple repaint of the drawers will do just as well.

Image Source: Beautifulhome

Paint it black

A living room isn’t necessarily the best place for a black feature wall. But the smallest pops of black, in freshly repainted chairs, or side tables, or a perhaps a floor lamp, could do a lot of work with a very small presence. If you’re looking for a weekend DIY project, pick up a can of British Paints SprayEasy Paint&Prime, and give stale objects a much-needed makeover.


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