Midcentury modern style

A wonderful aesthetic, isn’t it? Clean and elegant, yet full of personality. If you’re a first-time painter, excited to give your home a new look but, naturally, a little nervous where to start, then midcentury modernism might be the perfect style for you.


Come have a read, and we’ll show you how to make the most of it.

To the bedroom

A striking pendant design is an excellent way to give your bedroom a little verve. With a bold metal look, you can allow your pendant to be the hero of the room, and compliment it with soft whites and greys that’ll reflect its light beautifully.  

Midcentury living

The dark timber of floorboards and chairs pair excellently with the strong metal flourishes of lighting fixtures. What’s truly wonderful about this style is how very little the rest of your décor needs to change. A subtle change says everything.

Industrial colours

Dark timber and steel are staples, naturally, but there’s so much more to play with. Navy and grey are particular favourites of ours. Kara Sea, for example, does an excellent job of wooden cabinets and chests of drawers.


Wood plays such a vital role in midcentury designs that it would be a crime not to give it the spotlight. Pair timber furniture with straight, clean lines and block colours, and you simply can’t muck up your perfect aesthetic. You might find that giving your walls and furniture a similar colour, and breaking it up with timber elements, creates a timeless look for any home.


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