Minimalism has certainly made a comeback, hasn’t it? Well, that’s perfectly alright with us. Your space should be a perfect expression of you, and having a light but deft touch is something to celebrate. Perfection isn’t reached when you’ve nothing more to add, but when you’ve nothing more to take away.


If you’re worried that a minimalist look might muck up your home, allow us to make the case for just how beautiful it can be.

Image Source: Vkvvisuals

First, a little colour

Choosing a colour should never be a daunting task. Take a moment to really look at the space you want to paint. If there’s plenty of natural light, a single subtle tone like Kirsten Pink will bounce light across the space perfectly. A spot of greenery and a quick decluttering of the décor, and you’ll have achieved true balance.

Image Source: Hugta

Speaking of décor…

A minimalist look can make a room feel open and breezy. But why not take things a little further? A large mirror with a slim frame can make your room feel double the size. Placed opposite a piece of art, it can spread colour and life across the entire room.

Image Source: Bloglovin

Au naturel

The point of minimalism is to give every object in site its due value. Which is why decluttering a space is of the utmost importance. Clear away electronics and order any necessary wiring, so that eye can focus entirely on the beauty of your décor.


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