Top Trend Winter Watch Outs

Winter is the perfect time to take advantage of the cool, dark tones available to us in colour and design. Without changing a whole room, incorporate these cool tones this season with minimal fuss.

Crisp White

If you have a simple white room, pair winter-cool blues within your décor against your white walls and furniture. From here you can add texture with a woven throw rug and floor cushions in greys and cream.

Image Source: oh.eight.oh.nine

Grey and Olive Tones

When your room already has dark walls, contrast your bed linen to your walls with olive tones and grey. This will complement the space in a gradual flow keeping with a dark, cosy theme.

Navy and White

Used together, navy and white will work all year around for the perfect neutral space. Used in a bedroom, throw in some grey and tan to softly blend the space together.

Image Source: @simplygrove

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