PRO Primer Sealer Undercoat

PRO Primer Sealer Undercoat

British Paints PRO Primer Sealer Undercoat combines the functions of a sealer, primer, undercoat and stain blocker. It has great hiding properties, requires no sanding on most surfaces and aids in adhesion of topcoats to the substrate. British Paints PRO Primer Sealer Undercoat can be used with water based or oil based top coats. It’s touch dry in 30 minutes, recoat after 2 hours. Water wash up.


  • Low odour
  • Interior & exterior
  • Aids adhesion
  • Great hiding properties
  • No sanding on most surfaces
  • Use with oil or water based top coats
  • Resists tannin bleed
  • Blocks oil based stains
  • Flash rust resistant over nail and bolt heads


Where to use Interior, Exterior, Preparation
Paint Type Water based
Application Brush, roller or spray
Coverage 14m²/L
Clean up Water
Primer Required
Re-coat time 2 hours
Bases White
Sizes 4L, 10L