2022 colour trends: a look ahead

In the wide world of colour, you can rely on British Paints to do the research into what’s trending on the world stage for spring summer 2021/22.

What’s gonna be new in ‘22? Although colour is one of life’s most personal choices, a look at the latest trends can be a great place to start your journey. Paint is hands down the simplest way to update the look of your home, inside and out, so we’ve pulled together a round-up of what’s being tipped as the next big thing. See if there’s something here that resonates with your own personal style.

1. Calming blues

Blue is a colour proven to promote feelings of trustworthiness and safety, so perhaps it’s not surprising that after all the recent uncertainty, we’re going to be embracing blue in our homes in 2022. Peaceful, fluid and gentle takes on the classic shades will be appearing on walls, fabrics and cabinetry. Also tipped for popularity is blue-green, that combines the calm aspects of blue with the wellness of green.

293 Healing Spa

290 New Arrival

2. Plant greens

Talking of which, green is destined for a moment in 2022, and it won’t be a passing fancy. Nourishing natural shades and tints from olive to milky jade are predicted to be a big part of the future season’s interior colour charts – a winning way to uplifted and energise a space while keeping it grounded and calm. It’s also said to be balancing for mental and physical health. Exhale…

317 Mermaid Splash

338 Secluded Avenue

3. Buttercreams

This buttery neutral is destined to be a favourite, working as well as it does in both traditional and contemporary colour schemes. Delicious off white to soft, buttery yellow, it’s a colour that offers comfort and positivity in spades. You can paint the walls for an instant update, or simply highlight existing blonde timbers. Or you can use soft lighting to cast a buttery glow over paintwork on doors and trims.

59 Icing Sugar

80 Simply Vanilla

4. Vibrant pinks

In keeping with the trend towards colours that spark good vibes and positivity, this new shade of pink is anything but Millennial. Vibrant orchid flower colours used as accent colours or on so-bold feature walls will instantly revitalise a tired space, and add some thoroughly modern magic. No matter how lavishly or modestly you use it, hot pink will speak for 2022 in everything from interiors to fashion. And no it’s not just for the girls; this colour is versatile enough to appeal to anyone who’s ready for a burst of joy.

189 Swinging Pink

211 Fuchsia Bloom

5. Mango

Yet more optimism and wellbeing are served up with a delicious fusion of bright orange and yellow that will have you feeling as if you’ve just stepped into the tropics. It’s the perfect shade for bringing a boost of energy to a muted seasonal palette. Already big news on the catwalks, we can expect to see it inveigling its ways into our loungerooms with the onset of spring.

48 Hide and Seek

68 Good Karma