British Paints Black Ace

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Inspired by Greys

Black Ace is a vintage black colour, with enough grey to tricks the eye and detract from true blackness. Inside, Black Ace makes a stylish and impactful backdrop for open shelving or a reading nook. Black tapware in the bathroom? Consider a matching wall in Black Ace to pick up on and complement your feature fittings.  A Black Ace exterior paint job will emphasise the lines and angles of your house, giving a modern and streamlined look. This inkiest of greys is also perfect for a bushland setting, where it will sink into the natural environment. Even though Black Ace is a bold colour, it’s still a neutral, giving free reign on contrasting colours and making it easy to put together a scheme. But if you’re not ready to hop aboard the all-over darkest house trend. Black Ace is impactful in smaller areas such as the front door, garage or trims.

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