British Paints Heavy Metal

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Inspired by Greys

A rich yet cool-hued mid-dark grey, Heavy Metal is a versatile and sophisticated paint colour that is at home inside as it is out. Add depth to a space by layering on shades of complementary colours from the grey palette, or pair it with striking accents of lime green or cobalt blue. Patterns and textures will be at their best in front of this serious shade, so it forms a great backdrop for artworks and shelving. Team it with a crisp white ceiling and architraves to add drama and a sense of scale.  In a dining area or bedroom, Heavy Metal works beautifully on a feature wall, making a space seem larger by defining boundaries and highlighting the height of the walls.   As an exterior paint, Heavy Metal is a popular modern choice for both render and weatherboard, and gives fresh life underfoot on a timber deck.

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