British Paints Exotic Terracotta

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Inspired by Yellows & Oranges

A rich and warm earthy tone, Exotic Terracotta is a vibrant burnt red/orange with a touch of brown. Terracotta (the Latin for baked earth or clay is terra-cocta) featured in some of the very first decorated interiors, and has been used for thousands of years to paint homes, inside and out. Exotic Terracotta is bright and bold, yet still quite natural — a spicy colour that brings a relaxed and nurturing feel to interior spaces. This colour shines in a room where there is focus on texture such as a living space or bedroom with soft furnishings in natural, handwoven fabrics, and ceramic pieces with raw or matt finishes. Team Exotic Terracotta with accents of plum or brass for a sumptuousness touch. 

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