British Paints Colorbond® Night Sky®

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Inspired by Colorbond®

Night Sky is a Colorbond standard colour — a deep and dark near-black. Complement your existing roofing and steelwork, or simply take your decorating cue from Colorbond-inspired paint colours. Night Sky has a striking appearance, but as a neutral is versatile enough to pair well with most colours. Reminiscent of vast midnight skies, Night Sky is ideal for emphasising, highlighting, and contrasting elements of a building to create drama and focus. Use it in an urban setting with ebony timbers and matt finishes for a monochromatic scheme, or add a sharp contrast to earthier colours on trims and gutters of more traditional homes.   Inside, Night Sky feels bold and crisp with a timeless edge. It’s practical in a media room, adds an edge to the kitchen, and is especially dramatic on a bedroom ceiling — just like the night sky.

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