British Paints Colorbond Shale Grey

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Inspired by Greys

This light, delicate and neutral grey is a Colorbond standard colour — presenting as a reflection of silvered tree bark and the engrained beauty of granite. Complement your existing roofing and steelwork, or simply take your decorating cue from Colorbond-inspired paint colours. Evoking calmness and elegance, Shale Grey is a highly versatile grey that works in harmony with the natural environment. It complements and enhances a variety of materials such as granite, dark timber, grey brickwork and light render. Use Shale Grey on your exterior walls, weatherboard, garage doors and fencing, contrasted with a paler trim, or use it as a highlight colour for darker themes.   Inside, Shale Grey paint will instantly form a subtle and neutral canvas for white skirtings and trims to pop. Its versatility means it will work in every room of the home, adding a sophisticated and elegant feel. 

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