British Paints Colorbond® Terrain®

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Inspired by Colorbond®

This warm rusty red-brown is a match for the Colorbond colour Terrain — a shade on the secondary colour palette offer since 2022. Use it to touch up or complement your existing roofing, fencing and steelwork, or simply take your decorating cue from this Australian outback-inspired hue.   Terrain has an authentic and honest Aussie feel, and can help anchor a classic red roof. It can also be used to striking effect to more contemporary builds.  The complementary color of warm red-brown is green. These traditional heritage colours work together harmoniously on federation homes — try pairing Terrain with a soft and earthy muted green such as Preserved Rainforest or Colorbond Cove, and creamy green trims such as Original Canvas or Georgian Style.

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