British Paints Colorbond® Paperbark®

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Paperbark is an earthy, sandy pale brown colour with hints of cream and grey, that evokes the soft tones of the iconic tree that shares its name. It is a Colorbond standard colour that will match existing roofing and steelwork, or simply provide inspiration for your exterior project.   Paperbark is a warming and neutral colour that is versatile enough to work equally well in the built environment, lush bushland and a coastal setting. It will blend happily with light timber, contemporary brick and neutral render. Because of its easy-going nature, Paperbark one of the most common colour choices for fencing.   What colours go with Colorbond Paperbark? Another reason for its popularity is that it goes well with almost all colours, especially (but not exclusively) those with warm tones. Try it with British Paints Salt And Sand or Colorbond Classic Cream, or earthy tones such as Sassy Red. 

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