British Paints Salt And Sand

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Inspired by Whites

This warm and creamy white will add warmth and cosy vibes to a space and provides a clean, comfortable and cosy backdrop for the whole of the house. Less harsh than a bright or cool white, Salt And Sand embodies the tranquility of off-white, with hints of ivory and taupe.  Well suited to period homes, such as Victorian and Federation styles, Salt And Sand is ideal for a room that doesn’t receive as much natural light as a more modern, open-plan sundrenched style of architecture. It is perfect in a room full of neutrals or happy to take a back seat to accents of warm colours such as red, pink, gold and brown. In a kitchen/living area, Salt And Sand will help prevent that too-sterile atmosphere and create a welcoming atmosphere, especially in the evenings, at wind-down and relax time. 

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