British Paints Citrus Zing

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Inspired by Greens

Citrus Zing is a medium light shade of bright and breezy lime green with a deliberate yellow undertone that will bring a vibrant splash of colour to any space. This light and leafy hue will give your kitchen a fun, energetic and modern vibe. Team it with a monochrome palette of black, white and pale timbers for a look that is crisp, fresh and inviting. Used as an accent colour, Citrus Zing has just the right amount of pop to make a statement — try it on a bathroom vanity or upcycled furniture in a child’s bedroom or home office. Despite its unique hue, Citrus Zing is surprisingly versatile and can be matched with many different colours. It looks great next to fuchsia, yellow or bright orange for a lively and eye-catching palette.

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