British Paints Norway Spruce

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Inspired by Greens

Norway Spruce is a muted green, inspired by the fast-growing evergreen conifer that has become synonymous with Christmas around the world. It is a calming colour with its tones drawn from the natural world. Its green hue, softened by undertones of grey, makes it a great colour choice for pretty much any room inside — or outside — the home.  The good news is that Norway Spruce goes well with all neutrals including whites, creams and greys. If you’re looking for accent colours in your furnishing and accessories, pinks and blues both respond beautifully.  Norway Spruce is an uplifting paint choice that will bring life to living and sleeping spaces, where its balanced tones will promote a feeling of wellness.   One consideration is the type of light that comes into the room, as green-grey colours will look greyer (or greener) depending on the aspect and the time of day.

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