British Paints Spaced Out

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Inspired by Greens

Spaced Out is a pale and creamy citrus green with a hint of yellow. It is a soft and delicate pastel colour that combines the warmth of yellow with the freshness of green and brings a gentle and uplifting energy to any space. Spaced Out works well in spaces that require a serene, refreshing atmosphere. It will bring a natural tranquility to a bathroom teamed with a cool white such as British Paints White Disclosure, or even a paler than pale blue such as Sky Baby Blue. Spaced Out is great used as an accent colour to add a touch of vibrancy and playfulness to a room. Consider the lighting conditions in the room when choosing Spaced Out. It will skew green in cool light (south) and yellow in warm (north). Take home a British Paints sample pot to see its true colours in your room.

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