British Paints Rose Revival

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Inspired by Pinks

This subtly dusty rose pink has beige undertones that make it muted, soft and romantic with a modern edge. Perfectly suited to join the cosy and earthy team of browns, creams, sages and grey blues, Rose Revival also looks great paired with light wood and whites for a contemporary, sophisticated feel. This versatile and calming colour will add a touch of elegance to various spaces. Rose Revival is a popular choice for bedrooms, living rooms and nurseries, where it will create a soothing and gentle ambience. Add a touch of glamour and create a luxurious feel with Rose Revival by incorporating metallic accents in gold or silver.

Colour Schemes

The Fear of Mucking Up with a mismatched colour scheme is tough, no doubt. But we’ve created a carefully curated list of colours to go along with every paint choice, giving you the confidence to fight your FOMU.

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