British Paints Sheer Gown

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Inspired by Pinks

Sheer Gown is a delicate, barely there pink with a hint of grounding grey that makes it perfectly gender neutral. Sheer Gown will give a room a certain glow but won’t overwhelm the space with its pinkness. It’s the perfect starter pink — the right colour if you’re looking for just the hintiest-hint of blush. Delicate and subtle, this very pale pink paint creates lightness and brightness at the same time as maintaining cosiness, creating a laid-back and relaxed vibe. For an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, choose Sheer Gown for your ceiling. Its faintly rosy hue will soften and brighten up a small space and, teamed with paler walls, will help give a smaller space a snug and cosy feel. Use Sheer Gown as an alternative to conventional white or other neutral shades will add a little heart to any room of the home.