British Paints Sweetest

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Inspired by Pinks

Sweetest is a mid-tone rose blush pink with a golden caramel undertone that adds warmth and a muted charm. This inviting colour creates a cosy yet elegant atmosphere in a space. Sweetest works well with complementary colours that enhance its warmth and sophistication. Try it on walls with a neutral trim or facing walls in neutral tones such as white, cream or ivory. British Paints Tiger White is a cool off-white with a hint of greige that will play up its elegant side, whereas White Comfort is a natural and inviting warm white that will take it from cool to cosy. Sweetest also plays nicely with a contemporary earthy palette of soft browns and greens, to evoke a sense of tranquility and comfort. Add a touch of luxury by incorporating metallic accents in gold or copper.

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