British Paints Mermaid Splash

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Inspired by Teals

A soft and muted mid-blue teal, Mermaid Splash is an oceanic colour that will bring depth and interest to a space. Painting with this lovely teal is a failsafe way to bring personality to your interiors. Neutral schemes offer a great opportunity to bring in Mermaid Splash as an accent colour — try it in a bathroom with charcoal and white for a classic watery theme. Or let it take a step back as a secondary colour to a more vibrant shade of teal or jade as the primary accent. Mermaid Splash also works in beautifully with other colours in its earthy, muted palette from rust and taupe to mustard and gold. As a bluer hue, it will work best in north-facing spaces that get plenty of warm light. British Paints sample pots will take the guesswork out of choosing the right shade of teal for your project.

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