British Paints Infinity White

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Inspired by Whites

Infinity White is a bright and breezy cool white paint with an almost imperceptible hint of grey. Cool whites are crisper than warm whites, and Infinity White looks sleek and elegant in light-filled contemporary or Scandinavian-inspired homes. Cool white paints are stunning in an all-white scheme, but if that sounds like too much of a lifestyle challenge, build your colour palette using blues, sage greens, greys and cool timber accents in your soft furnishings and accessories. Infinity White paint also provides the perfect backdrop for bright accent colours such as aqua or citrus, and vibrant artworks. Looking to neutralise bright light and create cooler, crisper tones in a living space? If you have a sunny room — particularly one that gets the western rays — Infinity White will help to reduce the yellowness that comes with that late-afternoon glow. Use it too in areas where natural, fresh and uplifting light is required, such as in kitchens, bathrooms and studies.