British Paints Truly Divine

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Inspired by Yellows & Oranges

This ever-so-pale peach has a pinky orange undertone that’s subtle enough for Truly Divine to work as a neutral in place of cream or white. With a soothing energy, and an association with romance and peace, Truly Divine is the perfect colour to create a light and cosy atmosphere. Truly Divine goes well with other many other colours, especially those from the warmer side of the palette. Peaches and cream is a classic combination for a reason — you can’t go wrong with white, eggshell and beige in a partnership. If you want to add more colour but still keep it simple, Truly Divine will work with other tones on the same spectrum such as coral orange, pink, apricot, terracotta and warm yellow. For a more modern edge, choose metallics and darker hues such as charcoal, navy and black.

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