British Paints Dawn Frost

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Inspired by Greys

A cool pale grey, Dawn Frost pairs well with blues and greens and looks great with white trims for a crisp yet calming ambience. Use it anywhere in the home — on walls, cabinetry and trims. If you're looking for a classic restful hue for living and sleeping spaces, Dawn Frost is in contention for the title of perfect neutral. It provides just enough grey colour to add depth, while keeping the room light and airy. It's a great colour for anyone wanting to veer away form white but stick with a sophisticated and timeless hue that's versatile enough to go with a multitude of decor styles. Outside, Dawn Frost will reflect the light and help to keep your house cool and can be used to highlight decorative stonework or serve as a backdrop to colourful choices on ironwork and front doors.

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