British Paints Velvet Slipper

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Inspired by Pinks

A dusky mid pink, Velvet Slipper is a muted rose with undertones of grey that prevent it from being too bright. This medium-toned pink will be great in a bedroom, playroom or office. If you’re not ready to commit to floor-to-ceiling pink, consider painting a three-quarter wall, where the top section is white to brighten the look and draw the eye to the height of the room. In a small space such as a powder room, laundry room or walk-in robe, Velvet Slipper is the right kind of bold to create an intimate personalised space. Paint the ceiling in the same colour to make it even more cosy. Pair Velvet Slipper with neutrals —whites, blacks, greys or browns — or add accent brights in a kids room or play space.

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