British Paints Porcelain Glow

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Inspired by Yellows & Oranges

Porcelain Glow is a soft and pale eggshell yellow, with a fresh look that can skew cool depending on the amount of natural light that penetrates a room. A contemporary alternative to white or cool grey, Porcelain Glow has just the right amount of colour to add interest to a space without overwhelming. Pair it with a cool white trim and accents of charcoal navy for an elegant yet relaxed ambience. Porcelain Glow will take its hue cue from the light and from other elements in the room, and may appear more yellow at different times of day. British Paints sample pots take the guesswork out of choosing the best colours for your project.

Colour Schemes

The Fear of Mucking Up with a mismatched colour scheme is tough, no doubt. But we’ve created a carefully curated list of colours to go along with every paint choice, giving you the confidence to fight your FOMU.

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